Why Choose Us

There are so many differences that separate us from the competition.

First, we are practitioner owned and operated.

Our ABC certified staff have years of experience working in large hospitals, medium sized clinics and private companies.&

Using these experiences, we founded Monroe Orthotics & Prosthetics to provide a truly hands-on, personal approach to orthopedic and prosthetic care for adults and children, for cranial remolding and craniosysnostosis treatment. We love providing our service on a one to one basis, where we get to know our patients as individuals. We work to develop a deeper relationship of mutual trust and respect.

Our focus is helping people more forward, making lives fuller, more complete and productive. Using a team approach, our practitioners, technicians, and administrative staff work together to provide our patients care, compassion, excellent service, plus state of the art information and technology. Plus, our excellent relationships with area physicians, therapists, case managers and hospitals makes our care more complete and convenient for you.

Advanced fitting techniques, combined with quick turnaround time and our exemplary service make your experience at Monroe Orthotics and Prosthetics very different from other O&P facilities.

Today, we are regarded as the Hudson Valley’s leader in the fitting of custom-made and high-tech orthotic and prosthetic devices.

Come see why so many people are chosing Monroe Orthotics & Prosthetics for unparalleled compassion and care.

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