Pediatric Prosthetics

At Monroe Orthotics and Prosthetics, we know that children's needs require special attention, not only because children are our most precious resource for the future, but because the challenges of fitting children require more complex analysis and design solutions.

Scaled-down versions of adult prosthetic components aren't suitable because children grow quickly and their activity levels place extra stress on the prostheses. Pediatric practitioners must build a comprehensive profile of each child even before the design process begins.

Working closely with doctors, therapists and parents, our practitioners listen carefully to these treatment team members, applying shared insights and building the child's confidence and willingness to participate and contribute to the process.

Children are wonderfully resilient and adaptable, and normally adjust more quickly and easily than adults to their new prostheses.

All our custom pediatric prosthetics use the latest available technology and materials; lightweight, durable, and individually tailored to each patient.

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