Adult & Senior Prosthetics

At Monroe Orthotics and Prosthetics, we understand that the needs of older patients often require specialized treatment. The presence of other medical conditions may complicate design requirements for an appropriate orthosis or prosthesis.

As people get older, it takes longer for them to recover from an injury, illness or surgery. We understand how this affects the timing in which a prosthetic may be safely and comfortably fitted. We recognize that it takes longer for adults to adapt to the new lifestyle that includes their new prosthesis.

Our experienced practitioners are sensitive to these age-specific requirements and limitations, applying their extensive knowledge to address these factors. Working closely with doctors, therapists, and the individual patient, our experts listen carefully to these treatment team members. We treat each patient with respect and consideration, attentive to his or her input; we use our shared insights to create a comprehensive profile upon which a customized design solution can be based.

Using this design, and a conscientious series of adjustments to assure optimum fit and performance, we deliver the most comfortable and functional prosthetic solution — one which restores greater mobility, self-confidence, and independence.

As with conventional devices, our custom prosthetics utilize the latest available technology and materials — lightweight, durable, and individually tailored to each patient.

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